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The winners

We've announced the winners of our competition for quantum-inspired flash fiction - go read the six prize-winning stories!

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The results!

Our judges have picked the best of the best entries to the Quantum Shorts competition for quantum-inspired flash fiction, and we've got prizes for six fantastic stories.

To see the full list of winners and to read what the judges had to say about the winning stories, go to our announcement page.

As a preview, we're thrilled to announce that first prize in the Open International category goes to “The Knight of Infinity”. This story also claims the People’s Choice award, with 46% of the vote in our public poll on the shortlist.

We hope you've enjoyed reading the Quantum Shorts stories as much as we have! We want to say a big thank you to all the writers who entered the competition. We received over 500 entries, which took inspiration from the quantum world in many weird and wonderful ways. We're hoping to do something special with the shortlisted stories and a few more of our favourites: stay subscribed to our newsletter for updates.

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By Jefferson Thomas
December 1, 2013
When you're the umpire, the act of observation is an act of creation
By Wm. Wachsmann
September 3, 2013
April loves hiking. But how can she stop pebbles tunnelling into her boots?
By Edra Bayefsky
November 11, 2013
Flo has only one question: where does the ‘afterlife environment’ collides with the body?
By Ashley Brooke Karr
August 13, 2013
Spirits weave themselves into the physical cells of a woman on the way to her wedding
By Michael Svehla
November 30, 2013
Larry the sentient robot is here to observe the destiny of Earth - but he's about to intervene...
By QuantumShorts
July 16, 2013
Elvis lives in this short story by competition judge Jason Erik Lundberg.
By Joseph Miles
September 9, 2013
Creating a quantum-powered synthetic organism seemed like a good idea at the time...