Winning Strategies: A Caution about winning at all costs!

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Winning Strategies: A Caution about winning at all costs!

Accepted, this is an unusual way to run a contest. But we're playing by the rules, getting all our friends to register and vote for us-- a 5-star if at all possible. No problem. But as a student of human behavior and Game Theory, I'm already sensing just the budding of a more negative trend. Let's all admit that as writers, we're not above giving a 1-star to a strong competitor who's got a 4.7 and 30 votes to your 4.6 and 30 votes, just as an example.  But what happens toward the deadline when we've each got 4.8 with 150 votes and it's looking like a 20-way tie?  It then becomes a game of chance to be in the top 10. But WE want a sure thing! So, on the last day of voting, one contestant talks their friends into giving a 1-star to all their top competition. But on the last day, all the competitors are watching the results by the minute, and they notice the trend right away, and they all get their friends to sally forth to defend their honor, so to speak. So what happens?
In essense: Game Theory cascade failure: The 150+  vote getters whittle each other's avg down to 2.5 stars, while those in the 2nd & 3rd tiers, who stayed out of the fight, have, say,  4.5 & 100 votes.
150 votes x 2.5 = 375, while 85 votes x 4.5 =  382.5, and so forth. "Losers" WIN!
So, the moral of the story is "The science of human behavior shows that "winning at any cost is likely to backfire. SO, people, BEHAVE POSITIVELY!!!