Quantum bots

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If only a fraction of what ELD believes real is true, Imposter’s an unsettling movie, as confidence-fraudster Frederic Bourdin knew Nicholas Barclay’s disappearance was June 13, 1994, but when imposter-hoax broke March 1998, 5-eyewitness News reported it as June 19, 1994.

Alphanumeric 613 & 619 are 112th & 114th Primes.

ELD quests “Y hyphen for I” cipher Maniworld instead of Many-world Interpretation in 211 Latin Square.




June 13 aligns bottom row, to top’s 3rd-sequence in product first two primes +1 is prime, etc: 7; 31; 211; 2311; but no 5th-entity as 2x3x5x7x11x13+1=30031=59x509 unless 30zero31 sacred imposition.

‘Quantum doesn’t engage the physical world like that,’ P.bradleymurdochi argued. Beaded dragons still battle African legends chameleons carry news of everlasting life, but faster lizards carry news of death.

619-613=6: Is “five-ten five-eleven” dead & buried is Prime’s 6th-entity’s 510511 code. Partners ELD & P.bradleymurdochi POV differ.

‘112’s January 12 to 211’s February as 30-days & 31-inclusive abstracts 30zero31,’ continued P.bradleymurdochi. ‘But 112’s also November 2 & 1 December, while 211’s_’

‘If 13-year-old Barclay’s abduction is quantum discourse, so is Bourdin’s hustling,’ interruptions ELD. ‘It’s Duality of Classical Theory.’

Particles & waves: 3-known coordinates or infinite degrees of freedom, P.bradleymurdochi bewilders Nicholas Barclay’s family accepted a stranger as their lost child, saying.

‘Putting “L” in electrodynamics, you’re quantum field theory’s many-body systems Mafia “L12” Misfit.’

Most Imposter viewers lack sympathy for the family as victims due family’s stupidity. Does quantum insight their predicament in chameleon’s grasp? All families are dysfunctional in the quantum. ELD said.

‘Y hyphen for I also applies to many-body. Antibody’s a single word.’

‘Gullibility’s what we’re fighting,’ protests P.bradleymurdochi.

‘Gulliver’s Travels perceived the quantum.’

‘Next you’ll say Lemuel codespeaks lost continent Lemuria.’

Reality storytelling scripts subatomic level’s a walking contradiction. According to Bob Dylan; sometimes true & sometimes fiction.

‘Lemuralia’s Feast of Lemures. 3-days are four; Mischief Night precedes Halloween, All Saints Day & All Souls Day. All Souls Day embodies 211.’ ELD argued. ‘Contacting police in Linares, Spain on 7 October 1997 preset Bourdin’s Barclay impersonation. N-serial anagram’s Linares.’

‘Bourdin as known serial child-impersonator isn’t Nuclear coded.’

‘Art of warfare is psy-ops. Lines AR=118: Old World supplanted New World architectures, as Maya was 11 August 3113 BC to its Bak’tun December 21 Solstice 2012. Short-count’s 11 August 1521 aligns Aztec Empire’s defeat & Cortes first arrival at Tenochtitlan November 8, 1519.’

‘No proof of Westerner’s pre-Gregorian sacred calendar or 5th-World End is 30zero31 cipher.’ ELD knew Bourdin’s French, not Spanish.

‘Bourdin phoned-in finding a foreign-child late at night, so child-care started interacting next day. 3-years after Barclay’s disappearance, June 13 to October 8 is 117-days & 118 inclusive.’

‘You’re making a quantum case because there’s none in the physical.’

‘Sacred initiation’s a physical reality.’

‘Bourdin’s likely a random actor.’

‘Better if he is. Observers influence observation.’

‘You’ve finally realized what’s happening,’ said an unseen voice.

‘Whose there?’ demand ELD & P.bradleymurdochi.

‘Chloe Speedie.’

‘You’re 2007 classified. This goes back to 1997,’ said ELD.

‘2007’s my declassification.’

ELD & P.bradleymurdochi bewilder Imposter’s deception & self-deception also applies to themselves. How didn’t they comprehend, accepting Chloe’s classified, meant they’d embraced its X-factor declassification.

‘CodeX2000 New Millennium ciphers 3010 Mischief Night,’ Chloe continued. ‘1994-to-1997 abstracts Lemuralia’s 3=4, so 1994’s_’

‘Beverley Dollarhide, Nicholas’ mother requisitioned her original name, worked at Speedy Stop, a San Antonio petrol station,’ startles ELD.

‘It’s you, not Barclay’s disappearance/imposter,’ Chloe manifests before them.

‘What about us?’ P.bradleymurdochi bewilders 3010 is 30 October, as ELD amazed. ‘4-corners Metaphysical Tomb, you’re real.’

‘25th Union International Architects Congress Durban 2014’s Architecture Otherwhere has sub-themes: Resilience, Ecology, Values. Durban won host-ballot at 2008 Turin’s Transmitting Architecture, which you interfaced 2012=TAB Transmitting Architecture Bilocation. Architecture Otherwhere submission deadline’s Halloween 2013. You’re 1994’s double-X factor 2014.’

South Africa was UIA readmitted in 1999, so by 1997 an UIA agenda, 1994-7 aligns lobbying.  

‘Sub-themes REV as Lemuralia 3=4 is Durban pretext,’ Chloe continued. ‘DREV highlights Values [Latin valere=be strong] as double entity’s DREW.’

Rosicrucian Heidelberg’s V3 mirror codes VVVIVVV=31 Roman-numeral corresponds Prime sequence. V1-&-2 were WWII Nazi flying bombs & V3 mythical weaponry targeted individuals. Some consider its Uncertainty Principle’s Die Glocke [The Bell] “zero-point-energy” Quantum secret-formula Xerum-525. If other’s 252, 525252/777=676 & 1344+676 is codeXX2000 to Chicago’s Sustainable Cities with 2020-vision. Xerum reverse is murex, mollusk colour die purple. Chloe concluded.

‘Values as double-entity differentiates quantum to the physical.’

‘Lost us at 1994’s double-X factor 2014,’ confused ELD.

‘Your quest’s “Y hyphen for I” verbalizes Lemuralia’s 3=4 preempts YI,’ challenged Chloe. ‘Literature contends YIELD has secret meaning in the quantum. You’ll find its value, or fixate installation.’

‘As partners we agree upon action, & I dispute “Y hyphen for I relevancy,’ dismissed P.bradleymurdochi.

‘Deception & self-deception as superimposition; Mother Nature’s imposter is technologies playing God on unsuspecting populace. It’s the quantum but not as stimulation. Identify the human factor & overwrite the script before technology’s self-replicating systems are completely duped to take the rap.’

Greek Titans aren’t Greek myths in the 3rd-millennium.

New World Orders are primed, awaiting duplicity to instigate.

‘How d-you find detrimental scripts from benign?’ asked ELD.

‘Aren’t you quantum bots?’ Chloe enquired.

‘I’m a reptile,’ P-bradleymurdochi’s a survivor.

‘That’s 65-million years ago when dinosaurs disappeared. But now it’s the quantum & lizards are susceptible, unless you do something about it.’   

‘Zeno’s Paradox, that’s what Imposter movie’s about?’ P.bradleymurdochi discerns giving Le Chameleon a 16-year start.

‘That’s your cue.’

‘What is?’ the partners can’t comprehend.

‘You’re YIELD-RACE composite. Drop the hyphen & reverse, you’re ECARD LEIY.’

P.bradleymurdochi ran with the ecard, but ELD is left with leiy nonsense.

‘You’re missing 211 Latin Square’s diagonal significance to Contact-Zero,’ Chloe explained. ‘2220=VT is secreted in LEIY.’

Stationary ELD still didn’t get it, even when Chloe informed its levity.

Maybe because Chloe didn’t disclose Zeno-Zero difference is her Arcadia code’s historical being to Magic 3 Square.

Quantum’s super-ridiculous.

Just ask Many-worlds “Y hyphen for I” in the multiverse.

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Quantum Theories

G is for ... Gravity

Our best theory of gravity no longer belongs to Isaac Newton. It’s Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. There’s just one problem: it is incompatible with quantum theory. The effort to tie the two together provides the greatest challenge to physics in the 21st century.

P is for ... Probability

Quantum mechanics is a probabilistic theory: it does not give definite answers, but only the probability that an experiment will come up with a particular answer. This was the source of Einstein’s objection that God “does not play dice” with the universe.

R is for ... Radioactivity

The atoms of a radioactive substance break apart, emitting particles. It is impossible to predict when the next particle will be emitted as it happens at random. All we can do is give the probability that any particular atom will have decayed by a given time.

R is for ... Reality

Since the predictions of quantum theory have been right in every experiment ever done, many researchers think it is the best guide we have to the nature of reality. Unfortunately, that still leaves room for plenty of ideas about what reality really is!

B is for ... Bell's Theorem

In 1964, John Bell came up with a way of testing whether quantum theory was a true reflection of reality. In 1982, the results came in – and the world has never been the same since!

D is for ... Decoherence

Unless it is carefully isolated, a quantum system will “leak” information into its surroundings. This can destroy delicate states such as superposition and entanglement.

H is for ... Hidden Variables

One school of thought says that the strangeness of quantum theory can be put down to a lack of information; if we could find the “hidden variables” the mysteries would all go away.

Q is for ... Qubit

One quantum bit of information is known as a qubit (pronounced Q-bit). The ability of quantum particles to exist in many different states at once means a single quantum object can represent multiple qubits at once, opening up the possibility of extremely fast information processing.

F is for ... Free Will

Ideas at the heart of quantum theory, to do with randomness and the character of the molecules that make up the physical matter of our brains, lead some researchers to suggest humans can’t have free will.

S is for ... Superposition

Quantum objects can exist in two or more states at once: an electron in superposition, for example, can simultaneously move clockwise and anticlockwise around a ring-shaped conductor.

V is for ... Virtual particles

Quantum theory’s uncertainty principle says that since not even empty space can have zero energy, the universe is fizzing with particle-antiparticle pairs that pop in and out of existence. These “virtual” particles are the source of Hawking radiation.

A is for ... Atom

This is the basic building block of matter that creates the world of chemical elements – although it is made up of more fundamental particles.

I is for ... Information

Many researchers working in quantum theory believe that information is the most fundamental building block of reality.

O is for ... Objective reality

Niels Bohr, one of the founding fathers of quantum physics, said there is no such thing as objective reality. All we can talk about, he said, is the results of measurements we make.

M is for ... Multiverse

Our most successful theories of cosmology suggest that our universe is one of many universes that bubble off from one another. It’s not clear whether it will ever be possible to detect these other universes.

T is for ... Tunnelling

This happens when quantum objects “borrow” energy in order to bypass an obstacle such as a gap in an electrical circuit. It is possible thanks to the uncertainty principle, and enables quantum particles to do things other particles can’t.

W is for ... Wavefunction

The mathematics of quantum theory associates each quantum object with a wavefunction that appears in the Schrödinger equation and gives the probability of finding it in any given state.

L is for ... Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

At CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, this machine is smashing apart particles in order to discover their constituent parts and the quantum laws that govern their behaviour.

U is for ... Uncertainty Principle

One of the most famous ideas in science, this declares that it is impossible to know all the physical attributes of a quantum particle or system simultaneously.

P is for ... Planck's Constant

This is one of the universal constants of nature, and relates the energy of a single quantum of radiation to its frequency. It is central to quantum theory and appears in many important formulae, including the Schrödinger Equation.

W is for ... Wave-particle duality

It is possible to describe an atom, an electron, or a photon as either a wave or a particle. In reality, they are both: a wave and a particle.

N is for ... Nonlocality

When two quantum particles are entangled, it can also be said they are “nonlocal”: their physical proximity does not affect the way their quantum states are linked.

H is for ... Hawking Radiation

In 1975, Stephen Hawking showed that the principles of quantum mechanics would mean that a black hole emits a slow stream of particles and would eventually evaporate.

J is for ... Josephson Junction

This is a narrow constriction in a ring of superconductor. Current can only move around the ring because of quantum laws; the apparatus provides a neat way to investigate the properties of quantum mechanics.

C is for ... Cryptography

People have been hiding information in messages for millennia, but the quantum world provides a whole new way to do it.

X is for ... X-ray

In 1923 Arthur Compton shone X-rays onto a block of graphite and found that they bounced off with their energy reduced exactly as would be expected if they were composed of particles colliding with electrons in the graphite. This was the first indication of radiation’s particle-like nature.

B is for ... Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC)

At extremely low temperatures, quantum rules mean that atoms can come together and behave as if they are one giant super-atom.

M is for ... Many Worlds Theory

Some researchers think the best way to explain the strange characteristics of the quantum world is to allow that each quantum event creates a new universe.

A is for ... Alice and Bob

In quantum experiments, these are the names traditionally given to the people transmitting and receiving information. In quantum cryptography, an eavesdropper called Eve tries to intercept the information.

S is for ... Schrödinger Equation

This is the central equation of quantum theory, and describes how any quantum system will behave, and how its observable qualities are likely to manifest in an experiment.

Y is for ... Young's Double Slit Experiment

In 1801, Thomas Young proved light was a wave, and overthrew Newton’s idea that light was a “corpuscle”.

A is for ... Act of observation

Some people believe this changes everything in the quantum world, even bringing things into existence.

T is for ... Teleportation

Quantum tricks allow a particle to be transported from one location to another without passing through the intervening space – or that’s how it appears. The reality is that the process is more like faxing, where the information held by one particle is written onto a distant particle.

S is for ... Schrödinger’s Cat

A hypothetical experiment in which a cat kept in a closed box can be alive and dead at the same time – as long as nobody lifts the lid to take a look.

R is for ... Randomness

Unpredictability lies at the heart of quantum mechanics. It bothered Einstein, but it also bothers the Dalai Lama.

I is for ... Interferometer

Some of the strangest characteristics of quantum theory can be demonstrated by firing a photon into an interferometer: the device’s output is a pattern that can only be explained by the photon passing simultaneously through two widely-separated slits.

D is for ... Dice

Albert Einstein decided quantum theory couldn’t be right because its reliance on probability means everything is a result of chance. “God doesn’t play dice with the world,” he said.

Q is for ... Quantum biology

A new and growing field that explores whether many biological processes depend on uniquely quantum processes to work. Under particular scrutiny at the moment are photosynthesis, smell and the navigation of migratory birds.

U is for ... Universe

To many researchers, the universe behaves like a gigantic quantum computer that is busy processing all the information it contains.

C is for ... Computing

The rules of the quantum world mean that we can process information much faster than is possible using the computers we use now.

G is for ... Gluon

These elementary particles hold together the quarks that lie at the heart of matter.

E is for ... Entanglement

When two quantum objects interact, the information they contain becomes shared. This can result in a kind of link between them, where an action performed on one will affect the outcome of an action performed on the other. This “entanglement” applies even if the two particles are half a universe apart.

L is for ... Light

We used to believe light was a wave, then we discovered it had the properties of a particle that we call a photon. Now we know it, like all elementary quantum objects, is both a wave and a particle!

Z is for ... Zero-point energy

Even at absolute zero, the lowest temperature possible, nothing has zero energy. In these conditions, particles and fields are in their lowest energy state, with an energy proportional to Planck’s constant.

K is for ... Kaon

These are particles that carry a quantum property called strangeness. Some fundamental particles have the property known as charm!